Lasting 9 months, the Training of Trainers  (ToT) Course on “Heritage for cultural and human resource training and development” is open to educators (Trainers), with or without a university degree, working in youth training/education programmes at all levels, in schools, local government bodies, civil society groups, NGOs etc.

The Training Course is divided into 3 Modules:

  • Module 1Classroom lectures and seminars: Lasting 11 weeks, this first module deals with the development of tangible and intangible assets, knowledge and skills, human capacity-building and enhancement of the physical and socio-cultural heritage, the heritage approach, and the methodologies to be applied in the construction of the Heritage Atlas, through the medium of classroom lectures and instruction delivered by the teaching staff of UNIFI and UWI (Teachers), and the organization of seminars on youth problems and participation.
  • Module 2Workshops: Lasting 12 weeks, the second module consist in a series of workshops on approaches to the interpretation and visualization of the local heritage by means of different artistic methods. In the course of intensive 3-4 day workshops, educators/trainers will be trained in the use of participatory methods and techniques to maximise youth involvement such as Story-telling, Participatory Planning, Documentaries, Comics, Music etc.
  • Module 3Design of the Experimental Laboratories (Exp Labs): In the last phase, the course participants are involved in the organization of the Exp Labs, by defining their structure, contents, programme, methodologies and results as well as the methods for selection and involvement of youths.

After the completion of the ToT Course on “Heritage for cultural and human resource training and development”, the Trainers will proceed to a training activity in direct contact with students, by leading in Teams the Exp Labs.