The Exp Labs introduce a highly innovative and experimental component with the dual training purpose directed both to the Trainers and to Students, aiming to achieve the following objectives:

– To apply the knowledge acquired by the Trainers, giving an opportunity to link the training to their previous experiences, strengthen the personal relationship networks on the territory and develop of cooperation and teamwork skills;

– To involve, over an extended period, a large number of Students in activities of reading / interpretation of the territory, directly in contact with the local context, through procedures that can be easily implemented by the Students themselves;

– To raise Students’ awareness about the preservation and valorisation of the Territorial Heritage, in order to become more engaged and active in the improvement of their daily lifestyle and in local development processes;

– To develop a series of “Atlases of the Territorial Heritage” as a tangible result of the work of Trainers and Students, edited through innovating tools for the analysis and representation of the tangible and intangible assets of the territory.