Implementation phase

The Exp Labs will carry out activities seeking to:

  • Stimulate the interest of the participants in the local socio-cultural heritage and greater awareness of the economic potential of local resources, through the use of various concepts and forms of technical / artistic expression;
  • Strengthen youths’ perception of their role as main actors in the enhancement of their living conditions.
  1. A first step will encompass the analysis of the territorial resources in the pilot areas, putting in fore plan the features emerging in the different zones.
  2. A second step will provide proposals based on different innovative tools suitable for valorise the resources identified during the previous step and on the possibility of direct engagement of the Students as main actors of the local sustainable development.

The training tools will be calibrated relating to the young participants. The activities carried out by the Students in the Experimental Laboratories, coordinated by the Trainers and supported by the Tutors, are aimed to the reading and interpretation of resources and tangible and intangible values of places, specifically in the chosen pilot area, and to the elaboration of the Atlas of the Territorial Heritage with the techniques and following the procedure established by the Team of Trainers organizing the Lab.