Expected results

The implementation of the Exp Labs is aimed to:

  1. Elaborate the Atlases of the Territorial Heritage (Atlas). Each Atlas is focused on a selected pilot area; the Atlas is the tool to identify local resources and tangible and intangible assets and to improve the knowledge and skills necessary to its conceptualization. Moreover, it allows the visualization of the local physical and socio-cultural heritage as essential steps towards sustainable development.
  2. Foster the youths’ self-organization about the faced topics, aiming to develop basic projects of entrepreneurship, as new opportunities for income production and self-employment.
  3. Provide on-the-job training for the Trainers who will have the opportunity to apply the skills, know-how and teaching methods they have learnt during the first semester of the CARITALENTS program.
  4. Provide the Students with basic skills on using tools and digital equipment today representing requirements of undisputed value in most areas of work.