Project Vision & Mission

LabPSM and the research group of Florence University have developed and tested for a long time an approach that consider two not divisible components of local self-sustainable development: the human potentiality and the territorial heritage.

The spirit of CARITALENTS proposal is to help to growth the human capital thanks to new instruments for the recognition and enhancement of the territorial heritage. In this frame territorial heritage is considered as the principal resource for innovative ventures directed to the improvement of the quality of life.

The activities of the project will follow 2 Axis of Intervention.

First and more important the development of formative activities for educators (so-called Trainers), thanks to the UWI-UNIFI partnership. During the learning they will develop the skills needed to organise workshops for young people, to teach them a methodology to investigate, decode, represent the local heritage, with innovative media and languages (the final task is to build Atlases of the Territorial Heritage). The training will be based on lectures, e-learning, direct involvement in stages and workshops.

Second, the strengthening of UWI-UNIFI relationship that will develop a confrontation and debate around possible approaches for the survey and enhancement of local territorial heritage and material and immaterial local knowledge.

The project activities can be summarised as:

  1. Implementation of 2 courses for educators (ToT course) in two different locations (Barbados and Dominica). This implies the definition of teaching methodologies and instruments; selection of candidates, lectures, workshops, e-learning, etc. This stage of the project will last four months for the preparation and seven for the courses;
  2. About 10 Experimental Laboratories with young people aimed at the valorisation of territorial heritage. This second step will be part of the educators training activity and, at the same time, will be a first concrete step towards the general objective of the project. This implies the selection of participants, planning of the activities by the educators, development of workshops. The main methodology in use will be based on innovative media, art as tool for territorial survey and promotion (video making, story- telling, interactive cartography, music, etc.). This stage will last three months.
  3. Partnership between UWI and UNIFI directed to the debate on methodology regarding the territorial heritage as a means for education and training and more in general, the topic of local heritage promotion. This implies the realization of a roster of professionals and institutions to be involved to collaborate and the organisation of two international meetings (one in Italy and one in the Caribbean)
  4. Creation of a long lasting network of Italian and Caribbean ONG, stakeholders and institution (also in continuity with the Youth-IN project). This implies the design and development of a web platform, connected with other interchange projects, as a support for the diffusion of best practices. In the network will be involved as many actors of the Italian-Caribbean cooperation as possible.