CARITALENTS has two main Axis of Intervention:


The first axis of intervention concerns the establishment of innovative training courses and programmes for educators/trainers engaged in youth training programmes at all levels, on ways and means of identifying and extracting value on a self-sustaining basis from the national socio-cultural heritage, natural resources and environment. This will provide them with the skills and teaching tools and methods to stimulate and develop local knowledge and awareness of their environment among their students.

The training course, to be conducted in close collaboration with UWI, will have two sequential components:

Training of Trainers (ToT) Course / Experimental Laboratories


The second axis of intervention is aimed at strengthening the UWI-UNIFI partnership as well as the relationships among the different entities (local government bodies, civil society groups, NGOs, etc.) both in Italy and the Caribbean, already engaged in joint activities. In designing the training programmes, the two universities will have opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas on teaching methods and approaches in respect of heritage appraisal and development and the tangible and intangible assets related thereto. Two international tele-seminars will be held at Florence in Italy and at the UWI Cave Hill Campus of Bridgetown (Barbados); they will open up new possibilities of scientific collaboration within the network.

Their main purpose, however, is to disseminate the teaching methods developed by the project throughout UWI and UNIFI and other institutions and especially within the two Italy-funded UNDP-managed Youth-centred projects, together with the results of the youth development activities carried out with increasing effectiveness by the various national Youth Development Departments.